BHHS attracts students from all educational backgrounds including from public and private schools, homeschooling, and virtual learning experiences who seek flexibility and independence in their learning. Most of our students attend from area communities where high school choice is their option for secondary education.

We strive to cultivate a community of respect and trust, honoring our collective individualities as we strive to become thoughtful decision-makers, compassionate problem-solvers, and engaged, lifelong learners. These conditions afford our students the opportunities and privileges we feel they rightly earn and deserve. Our students are proud to be a part of the school culture and all that we are able to offer.

Each student has their own unique schedule. In collaboration with their advisor, they explore educational opportunities that are specific to their needs. Students have choice in how they go about obtaining their graduation requirements.

Many students have identified possible college choices early on in their high school experience, which can serve as a catalyst for their course selections, goal-setting, and résumé-building so that their application truly stands out when it comes time to apply. Because learning opportunities are limitless at BHHS, our students have unique opportunities to tailor their programming to align with their future aspirations.

We offer four academic blocks and May Term each year. The length of our course offerings is contingent upon the specific intentions of the educator. May Term allows students to experience a varied length and breadth of programming activities for credit.

Education is not the filling of the pail, but the lighting of a fire.
— W. B. Yeats


  • Earthwalk School of Herbal Traditions workshop

  • Irish Literature Class visits Ireland

  • Morgan Bay Zendo meditation workshop

  • Wilderness Skills course: shelter-making, fire-building, etc.

  • Landscape & Coastal Ecology field trips

  • Isle Au Haut & Sand Beach sketching classes

  • Visiting Artist courses and demonstrations: Sarah Doremus –puppetry, Melody Lewis Kane – Raku, Michael Rosney – photography.

  • Holt House archival studies & local history trips

  • Ayurveda workshop with Tasha Sidhu from Sanctuary on Church Street

  • Biking on carriage trails, Acadia